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Our on-line service suggests you answering possible questioning as for the choices of possible services and the simple modalities or complex which accompany them.

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Q : I plan to come in stay in your region, is it recommended to reserve my taxi ?

A : Once arrived in Airports or Train stations « SNCF » (FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY) it’s better to reserve your taxi to avoid some wait and have a quality help service has your arrival


Q : I have booked a taxi for my arrival, but there’s been some delay on my route, would it be any increase of the final taxi bill ?

A : There’s no increase for a delay in Station or Airport if you are not responsible for this one.


Q : I reserved my taxi and has its arrival, I noticed that there is already an amount registered on the meter, why ?

A : After reservation, and to make on the place of coverage, the taxi has obligation to start up its meter, what, in certain cases, is called the « approach march ».


Q : We plan during our stay at « Le Bourg d’Oisans » to make one evening in a ski resort, let us can count on a taxi to get there and return ?

A : Of course, we just have to plan the right moment, then no worry, it will be just a pleasure and anything else for you !

Q : How many persons can be taken in the taxi ?

A : My vehicle is planned for the transport of 6 persons more luggage, beyond I plan the second vehicle.

Q : We plan a hike but our place of departure is not the same that our arrival ?

A : No problem, it’s possible to come to get you on your course or even to move forward you on your next stage